Summer in the garden at Quebec House

The garden at Quebec House is a source of joy to all those who work, volunteer and visit here. Although considerably smaller than the original plot the house sat in, the gardens present a pleasing mix of annuals, perennials, roses, shrubs and vines.

18th Century Links

There is little information to find out about the earlier gardens on this site, so the garden team have been using the typical Georgian garden as a reference point. Pleached limes have been planted to support this, and you can also find a rose border with similar blooms to those found during the 1700s.

Cheery sunflowers in the new cut flower bed
Sunflowers in the garden at Quebec House, a National Trust property in Kent
Cheery sunflowers in the new cut flower bed

Things to look out for

The cut flowerbeds in summer are always gorgeous to see. Blooms grown here will be used for fresh displays in the house.

We are also endeavouring to create an interesting sequence of long blooming flowers that will hold their own throughout the summer. Some of the palette we have used include honeywort, sweet pea, marigolds, sunflowers and mallow.

Newly planted Betony in the Quebec House gardens

The new herb border at Quebec House

Our garden team has been hard at work in the garden of Quebec House, working on bringing a small bit of history to life. Find out what we're up to here.

Though smoking is allowed outdoors at Quebec House, for the safety of our place and our visitors, it is only permitted at a distance of at least 6 metres from any given building. Please also be mindful in the disposal of cigarette ends, ensuring that they are properly extinguished.