A 'make do and mend' Christmas at Rainham Hall

Inspired by our exhibition about the wartime nursery which operated at Rainham Hall from 1943-1954, we recreated a 'make do and mend' Christmas in 2017.

Visitors in December 2017 were treated to our 1940s 'make do and mend' style Christmas decorations at Rainham Hall. We looked back to the era when the Hall operated as a state-run wartime nursery for local children between 1943-1954, and took inspiration from festive celebrations during this era. As a local newspaper reported in 1954:

" The old house is particularly bright at Christmas, when the children have their annual party and former toddlers help with the festivities"
- Frank Lewis

We made paper chains galore to decorate the Hall, and visitors enjoyed a festive atmosphere from early December onwards.

Already looking forward to next Christmas? Stay tuned for details of what we have planned later in the year. Check out our homepage for details of what we have planned in 2018.