Butterfly Gallery at Rainham Hall

The front door and windows at Rainham Hall full of colourings of butterflies and rainbows.

From March to September 2020, our front windows were taken over by your colourful artworks in brighten up the Hall for all the local essential workers. Thank you everyone who sent in butterflies!

With the Hall at the heart of Rainham village, between Tesco and the train station, we decorated our windows with colour for all the essential workers walking past. 

Inspired by the butterflies enjoying the run of the Garden, you sent in dozens of butterfly artworks creating a rainbow gallery in the front windows of Rainham Hall during lockdown. We had butterflies fly in from our local community, families, schools, and some all the way from North Wales! 

Below are our templates if you want to keep up the creativity at home!

Download these colouring templates or get creative with your own drawings: Butterfly templates (PDF / 0.2333984375MB) download

Please note we are no longer displaying art in the windows at the Hall.