Family fun with these easy walks in the Surrey Hills

Our easy walks are chosen to be enjoyed by all ages. They are quite short and go over flattish, dry ground. Some are on sandy soil and some have an all-weather surface. These are strolls for all the family - an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle, breathe deeply in fresh air and catch up on all the news! We guarantee you’ll return home feeling better.

Admiring the snow at Reigate Hill and Gatton Park

A winter walk around Gatton Park

Enjoy this easy stroll suitable for all the family around Gatton Park, and savour the views designed by Capability Brown.

Family in the woods

Bookham Commons activity trail

Explore Bookham Commons with this easy stroll through the woods

Robin Abinger Roughs Surrey

Explore the winter wonderland of Abinger Roughs

Immerse yourself in winter delights with this easy walk along sandy paths. There is a hushed quiet across the land. The bare trees open up new vistas of the landscape, and you can spot woodland birds flitting between branches.