Glorious Georgians at Rievaulx Terrace

Glorious Georgians at Rievaulx Terrace

Step into the lavish world of Georgian life.

Sunday 26 June, 10am - 4pm 

Dress to impress and join other visitors for Georgian games, dancing and a leisurely promenading along the Terrace. Enjoy live traditional music throughout the day and at 1pm dressed in their finest Georgian attire, the Arbeau Dancers will be demonstrating the latest dances at court. You can even have a go yourself as they show us the steps. *Please be aware that the dance performance by the Arbeau Dancers is weather dependable*

Rievaulx Terrace was created about 1749-57 by Thomas Duncombe II to provide just such a distint view of the medieval abbey ruins in the valley below. Duncombe would bring his guests over from nearby Duncombe Park to enjoy the landscape. As they walked along the curving Terrace, a carefully contrived series of thirteen different views of the Ryedale valley and Rievaulx Abbey gradually unfolded. After a walk along the Terrace with his guests, Duncombe would like to take refreshments. For this reason Duncombe placed a classical Temple at either end of the Terrace, with the Ionic Temple providing a space to drink, eat and social with his guests. So the Ionic Temple was provided with a kitchen in the basement, from which he and his guests were served meals in the ornately decorated room above.

You can visit the Ionic temple between 11am and 4pm.