Terrace Treasures outdoor sculpture trail

Terrace treasures outdoor exhibition art

Rievaulx Terrace has held a number of art exhibitions in years past, and we’re once again proud and delighted to be hosting our second Terrace Treasures sculpture trail.

The outdoor trail is open from Saturday 2 July until Sunday 2 October, and showcases the work of ten sculptors from the Yorkshire area and beyond. The exhibition’s open theme has provided a unique opportunity to bring together a rich collaboration of work, unrestricted and free to explore an array of ideas and inspiration. Each artist brings a new perspective to art in the outdoors and reflects the individual artist’s unique style and creativity.

The sculpture trail shares the works of talented artists such as spectacular metal worker Michael Kusz, blacksmith Stanger Moore, oil painter Anne Russell and wood carver Thompson Dagnall.

All of the works are constructed from mixed media; wood, stone, metal and willow, each piece rich in their individual textures and colours and crafted into new and contemporary forms.

Visitors to the Terrace will discover the sculptures throughout the woodland and across terrace, overlooking the famed ruins of Rievaulx Abbey.

The exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to see Rievaulx Terrace from a new perspective and a pleasure for us to host such a creative show of work.

All of the sculptures on display are available for sale. 

Stags by John Walker
Sculpture by John Walker
Stags by John Walker