Key Stage 2

Students playing with the lock model

Our key stage two workshops offer a broad spectrum of experiences related to the national curriculum, offering fun and inspirational learning.

Investigating habitats

Discover the different habitats at Dapdune Wharf and who chooses which habitat.  Sessions include:

  • Land mini-beasts (bug hunting around the Wharf)
  • River mini-beasts (pond dipping in the creek)
  • Self-guided session or boat trip

History detectives

Discover the history of the Wey Navigations through hands-on activities and exploration of the Wharf.  Sessions include:

  • Artefact handling
  • Site tour
  • Famous faces or a boat trip

Exploring rivers

Learn about key aspects of the physical and human geography of rivers, and understand how these have changed over time. Sessions include:

  • The river Wey and river navigations
  • Scientific enquiry
  • Towpath walk/boat trip