Garden Tours at Rowallane Garden

A National Trust Volunteer bringing visitors on a garden tour

Head out on a garden tour at Rowallane Garden with one of our experienced volunteers or Gardeners. Discover in detail all the seasonal flowers and the fascinating history of Rowallane's gardens.

Join us on a tour around the stunning gardens here at Rowallane. As we get into Spring, the gardens are at beginning to awaken after their winter slumber, and bold bright colours are returning, waiting to be discovered around every corner.

Be guided around each of the different gardens we have at Rowallane Garden Garden by one of our experienced volunteer guides or gardeners, taking you through both the history behind the gardens as well as going into detail about the sights, sounds and smells on offer.

Discover the rare plants of Rowallane Garden as well as finding out about the behind the scenes work that takes place to care for all of them, by both staff and our amazing volunteer team. There will also be the chance to hear more on the plans we have for the future, both conservation and further development.

Check back each season for a whole new experience!

These tours are completely free, although normal admission applies. Just ask at our Visitor Centre for all the details.