Wonderful walkies at Rowallane Garden

Dog walking at Rowallane

Guidelines for dogs at Rowallane Garden - our four legged friends have got together to highlight key points for dog walking at Rowallane.


We kindly request that you and your human stay connected by a short lead at all times while in the garden including in the car park. The only exception to this is in the 'Caravan Field'

Dog Exercise Field

The 'Dog Exercise Field' is an area specially designated for canine visitors to enjoy their visit. While you run, scamper and meet up with friends, we offer a handy bench for your human to rest on. Please note entry to the caravan field is with a human companion only.

Green Bags

We are sure your responsible human companion will pick up after you but just to be sure why not pause by our green bag dispensers so they can stock up for the visit.
Useful tip - once full, green bags can be placed in any outdoor bin onsite


Panting from dragging your two legged companion around the garden? Why not swing by the cafe patio, we offer water and a shady spot for you to rest in while your human is indulging in their post walk coffee.
If you're just looking for a quick refresh we also offer water in the stableyard.


Unfortunately our farmland area is just for humans.


If you are a dedicated assistance dog for your human you are welcome inside our built facilities.