A must-see garden in the heart of Lancashire

Family exploring the garden with a trail

Look down at your feet and you will find a wealth of summer splendour to be found in the gardens at Rufford Old Hall. There’s nothing quite like taking a stroll through a beautiful garden at this time of year, and we have it all. Set in the heart of rural Lancashire, there are formal gardens, an orchard and a magical woodland walk waiting to be discovered.

A journey through summer...

As you pass through the entrance, spare a second to take in the array of vibrant colours in our wildflower border. There's a dazzling variety of cornfield flowers, including marigolds and chamomiles, all sparkling with colour and tempting you with their seasonal scent.

Courtyard & Walled Garden

Entering the Courtyard, don't miss the purple clematis adding dashes purple to its shady corners. Going through to the garden, the minty scent from the nepeta rises in the summer air and the variety of pastel coloured roses and peonies are stunningly beautiful against the historic walls of the house. See how it has been expertly trained over many decades to climb across the wall to create a magnificent display.

Shaped to perfection... squirrel-shaped topiary at Rufford Old Hall
Squirrel-shaped topiary at Rufford Old Hall
Shaped to perfection... squirrel-shaped topiary at Rufford Old Hall

Squirrel Border

Wander through the Squirrel Border and you will be met by a sea of colour. Take a seat on one of the benches and treat yourself to a picnic, overlooked by a mischievous duo of giant squirrel-shaped topiary, gleaming in green.

North Lawn

Head to the front of the house, where you will find a perfect place to relax and unwind on the North Lawn. The grass is soft and perfectly manicured by our garden team (if you spot them, feel free give them a well-earned thanks for all their hard work).

On the edge of the North Lawn, look out for the hemerocallis 'Lady Fermor-Hesketh', otherwise known as a day lily. Fun fact: these delicate golden-yellow flowers are named after a member of the historic Hesketh family who built Rufford Old Hall!

A member of Rufford Old Hall's historic family, immortalised in a flower
Hemerocallis 'Lady Fermor-Hesketh' at Rufford Old Hall
A member of Rufford Old Hall's historic family, immortalised in a flower


Don’t forget to visit our Orchard Paddock; a great place to enjoy some outdoor fun with sports and games that the whole family can enjoy.

If you venture into the North Paddock alongside the canal, you may see a marsh orchid peeking amongst the grass, known for its vibrant shade of purple.

A burst of purple among the grass
Marsh Orchid at Rufford Old Hall
A burst of purple among the grass

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