Fill your senses with spring

Bluebell woods

Rufford Old Hall’s formal gardens are a place to relax and unwind as the scents of spring awaken the senses.

Spring Highlights

A range of Daffodils saluting the sun in the warm spring air welcome you as you arrive. In the woodland and Beech Walk there are Bluebells nodding their delicate heads, creating a stunning carpet of blue. Don’t miss the dainty yellow flowers of the ‘Lesser Celandine’ (also known as Ficaria verna) in the woodland.

" ‘When the Lesser Celandine starts to bloom it is one of the true signs of spring. It erupts into a carpet of yellow – it’s just gorgeous!’ "
- Fiona, Former Assistant Gardener at Rufford Old Hall

This small flower is known as being a particular favourite of the poet William Wordsworth. So much so, it was suggested following the poet’s death that a Celandine ought to be carved on his grave.   

The garden is alive with hidden features such as an orchard with old varieties of apples and pears. There is a walled rose garden as well an impressive shrub and herbaceous border with exquisite topiary. But a particular highlight during the spring is the early blooms of the Rhododendrons. 

Blue Peter Rhododendron at Rufford Old Hall
Blue Peter Rhododendron Rufford Old Hall Driveway
Blue Peter Rhododendron at Rufford Old Hall

Tours and more
There are daily outdoor talks. A gardener is always happy to help with any questions you may have about the history or maintenance of this special place.