Art at Runnymede and Ankerwycke

A significant site in the history of democracy, this historically important place is being re-imagined through ambitious new public artworks that have been created in response to place. Starting with 'The Jurors' by Hew Locke in 2015, 2018 will see the arrival of 'Writ in Water' by Mark Wallinger in collaboration with Studio Octopi.

The Jurors artwork by Hew Locke, at Runnymede in Surrey
Artist Mark Wallinger at Runnymede

Turner Prize-winning artist to create new work to celebrate Magna Carta 

We have commissioned a new public artwork by British artist Mark Wallinger in collaboration with Studio Octopi, and in association with Situations, as part of an ongoing celebration of Magna Carta’s global significance at Runnymede, Surrey.

The Jurors by Hew Locke

About the artwork

Get more from your visit to The Jurors

If you're planning on visiting The Jurors, please download the audio to your phone or audio device in advance as the mobile and internet coverage at Runnymede is unreliable.


The Jurors: How it was made

As with any bronze artwork, the process of making the work involves many people and different processes. As well as Hew’s work in his studio, he worked with modellers to create many of the panels and then with a Meltdowns foundry in Ramsgate to cast and assemble the artwork. The work was produced by the arts organisation, Situations. In this video you can discover the process of creating the artwork.