Runnymede Forest of Memories

Support for the Day of Reflection and the Forest of Memories.

Located near the Magna Carta and John F Kennedy landmarks, at the historic Runnymede and Ankerwycke site; the National Trust Surrey Landscapes Portfolio proudly supports the National Day of Reflection and The Forest of Memories with the installation of Memory-Trees.

These trees together with the yellow ribbons that have been hand written and tied to their branches, symbolise some of the dedicated trees that friends and families have made to remember loved ones lost, because of and during the pandemic.

The ribbons not only represent the lives of those who have dedicated a tree in The Forest of Memories, using the platform but they also show embrace of the Day of Reflection on the 23rd of March 2021; standing up in solidarity to offer a moment to contemplate the difficulties of the last year, the loss, and to celebrate how we came together when we most needed it.

This installation has been led by The Forest of Memories, whose aim is to plant and grow a tree for every lost soul taken by Covid-19. These 143,259 saplings depict those excess deaths from the past 12-months, they will be planted across the UK in a network of forests that will not only give back to our planet but more importantly to offer solace to those families, friends and communities who have not only lost someone; someone who they weren’t able to grieve for, someone they haven't been able to mourn for in the traditional way; where we as a nation haven't been afforded that closure that is critical to help us recover.

By offering the tribute of trees The Forest of Memories  hope that people will be able to visit, pay their respects, when it is right for them, and know that they will be cared for and have a permanent reminder of that special someone.

The Forest of Memories will extend to use these woodlands to bring communities, the arts and charities together, to educate ALL using technology in a unique way to share messages of hope and celebration with augmented reality. Visitors will enjoy the tranquillity of the forest and the landscaped gardens of the ‘Groves of Reflection’, interacting with the surroundings to love and learn.

The yellow ribbons will adorn the branches of the Memory Trees at National Trust Runnymede from the 18th of March until the 20th of April. It is our sincere hope that these will encourage conversation about loss and reflection during that month and if you yourself has lost a loved one over the past year, or know someone who might be interested in our project please go to and create a remembrance page, this will be automatically linked to a tree that we will grow in honour of those precious memories.