A trail for grown ups

The family outside Saltram house

The family fortunes trail will make you look at our collection differently and reveal which of the family you are most like.

Saltram's treasures were collected by many

Did you know that the collection at Saltram is indigenous to the house and all of the furniture, paintings and 'things' were collected throughout the centuries by the Parker family? Today you can step inside to see this collection and judge their tastes in interiors and possesions.

See rarely seen family photo albums
A women looks into a display case in a room at Saltram

Are 'you nice but dull' ? or 'sexy and trendy'?

The new trail journeys you through the house encouraging you to take a closer look at some of our best, favourite and most loved items. Which one do you like best? Which one would you have collected or bought? Each of the objects were collected by different generations of the family each with their own taste and personality. Complete the trail and find which of the Parker family generations you are most like. Will you be like Albert and Margaret, nice but dull, or like John II and Theresa, 'sexy and trendy'.

Find out which generation of the Parker family you are most like
Members of the Parker family have fun playing on the lawn

The trail runs from Tuesday 13 September until October 31.