Discovering the grotto

Saltram's 18th century grotto in need of repair

This year, we're fundraising to discover more about Saltram's lost grotto on the Riverside path.

The Saltram grotto was installed in the eighteenth century most likely following a Grand Tour.

Wealthy young gentlemen of the day would often finish their education by going on a Grand Tour to see parts of the world. Following their return they would decorate houses, gardens and estates with items they had purchased and architectural styles that had seen on their travels. The grotto is an example of this.

At some point the grotto's roof collapsed and the cola coloured crystals which lined the interior have been lost, the structure has become overgrown and full of soil leaving it barely visible.

We know very little about the Saltram grotto so we are currently raising money to fund a project to discover it's history and maybe even restore it to it's former glory.

Riverside walk at Saltram
Sunlight shnes ont he path alongside riverside walk
Riverside walk at Saltram

You'll find the grotto on the Riverside walk next to the Plym estuary - be careful, the grotto is hiding in plain sight so it's easy to miss.

To find out more about our fundraising, please ask in the welcome centre or shop, or get in touch at