Painting from the Heart - a solo exhibition by Sydney Klugman

Sandham art exhibtion Klugman Poetry

We are delighted to welcome Sydney Klugman a local artist in this inaugural solo exhibition. Inspired by the changing moods and seasons of the local area including views toward Watership Down Sydney's love of colour with its infinite hues and tones, stimulate the paintings in this exhibition. 1 - 23 April (Wednesday - Sunday & Bank Holiday Mon only) 11am - 4pm. Exhibition free. Usual admission to the chapel.

Sydney particularly wanted to exhibit here at Sandham Memorial Chapel. He has always loved Spencer's ability to combine art and life - elements that were an integral part of his being,

Sydney Klugman trained 20 years ago as an Art Psychotherapist, which has had an impact on his art.

Over this time he has continued to pursue his love of painting, working both descriptively and expressively to depict the rural and urban landscape. Sydeney uses mainly acrylics, watercolour  and mixed media for sensitive textural and emotional effects.  In the last few years his work has become a mixture of abstraction and realism.

All of the work in this exhibtion depicts local scenes. The image below of Ashmore Green is a view from Sydney's home.

Ashmore Green by Sydney Klugman
Sandham art exhbition klugman

Sydney describes his love of art as all embracing. He is heavily drawn to the psychological drama of life and its impact on our lives,  and also autobiographical depicting aspects of his life both past and present. 

At the heart of Sydney's work is the desire to use art as a tool to reflect life's experiences. A search for universal truths via this creative and public platform.

Serene by Sydney Klugman
Sandham Klugman art exhibtion



Inside Out by Sydney Klugman
Sandham art exhibtion by Sydney Klugman