Inside the collection exhibition at Scotney Castle

As ten years have passed since the doors of the mansion opened, our new exhibition provides a chance to reflect, and to look ahead at whats to come.

When the mansion came into the Trust's care a decade ago, our first priority was to open the main showrooms. Since then, the staff and volunteers have been working behind-the-scenes to unlock the hidden archives and collection. 

This work is an important part of our Museum Accreditation and it's also helping us to further understand the stories of the people who lived and worked here. 

" We never imagined the wealth of stories we'd find in the mansion archives. Sometimes it feels like playing real life hide-and-seek, whilst tackling a giant, complicated jigsaw puzzle through time. "
- Chloe Tapping, House and Collections Manager

New discoveries 

As the work of cataloguing our collection continues in the background the team are constantly uncovering new information that helps us to piece together the family history and what it would have been like to live here at Scotney Castle. The discovery of Brigardeer General Arthur Hussey's complete First World War diaries and papers for example, brought to light more about his character and experiences during his time on the front line. Before these items were found little was known about Arthur. However following our winter exhibition in 2014 Arthur's War the staff, volunteers and visitors grew to really get to know him. The opportunity to delve into his diaries, letters and sketches really helped us to learn more about his character. We also began to understand more about family relationships, particularly with his sister Gertrude who he would write to on a regular basis. 

No item is considered too small or insignificant, even a scrap of newspaper glued in to a book could tell us more about a family member than we already know. One of the challenges of a relatively new collection such as ours is taking all the small pieces of information and the forming a much bigger picture of the family and their lives. 

Visit the exhibition 

This winter the team will showcase the work that has been completed and share finds that have been made, including our top ten discoveries in ten years. Inside the collection opens Saturday 4 November and runs until Sunday 4 February, between 11am and 3pm.