Construction Zone at Seaton Delaval Hall

Children playing with building blocks

Taking inspiration from the National Lottery Heritage Fund-supported Curtain Rises project, this summer become a Construction Zone apprentice and have a go at some of the jobs you'll see happening around the property. Complete a different challenge each week and graduate as a Construction Zone apprentice at the end of the summer holidays.

It takes all types of skills and jobs to complete a project as big as this.  Archaeologists, architects, engineers, builders, stone masons, landscape gardeners and ecologists, there's a huge amount to think about.

Throughout the summer holidays we want you to get in on the action, find out a little more about each job role and become one of our Construction Zone apprentices. 

Week One, 25 - 28 July: I'm an architect

Head to the construction zone to find out how we're working with architects to conserve the hall for the future and complete your architectural challenges. Can you build the hall?

Week Two, 1 - 4 August: I'm an ecologist

Take part in an ecology challenge and find out how we're looking after the wildlife that lives here while work continues across the site.

Week Three, 8-11 August: I'm a landscape gardener

Head to the gardening zone to build your own miniature garden and collect your landscape apprentice stamp. Find out how the hall's original landscape designs are being reintroduced as part of the project.

Week Four, 14-18 August: I'm a structural engineer

The hall's spiral staircases are a marvel of engineering!  This summer we start work to conserve them for the future after 300 years of wear and tear. Can you rise to the challenge of building your own set of spiral stairs?

Week Five, 22-25 August: I'm a builder and stonemason

A lot of the work happening on site will be fairly invisible once finished, including making the ha-ha walls and bastions safe. Can you build a ha-ha wall and bastion to complete the week's challenge?

Week Six, 29 August - 1 September: I'm an archaeologist

Archaeology is an important part of our project, helping us to understand how people might have lived in the past.  Take part in your archaeology challenge to complete the final Construction Zone activity of the summer.