Learning at Seaton Delaval Hall

View of North Front entrance of Seaton Delaval Hall

Bursting with history this vast estate is perfect for learning a thing or two. Throughout all of our spaces are the tales of the Delaval family who helped shape the local area and this fascinating place...

Learn at Seaton Delaval Hall​

Learn about the lives of those who once lived here as they're brought to life through the family portraits and possessions in the West Wing. You can also learn about the National Trust's work since acquiring the property.

Visit the present

Visit the buildings, the woodlands and formal gardens. Inside, the Central Hall is ideal for different types of events whilst being surrounded by stunning architecture and magnificent views.

Explore the past

Explore the cellars and stables and learn about the life of the servants ‘below stairs’; woven throughout are the stories of the Delaval Family who helped shape the local area.

Educate the future

Enjoy wide, open spaces and explore the outdoors or discover the history of Seaton Delaval Hall and the families who called this place home. Resource hut available for hire and tours can also be arranged on request.