Seaton Delaval Hall's new play area is coming

The new play area at Seaton Delaval Hall under construction

And we want you to name it! From now until Sunday 1 September you can enter the competition to name the new play area in the North West woodland. The competition is open to those who like to play at any age!

What we’d like you to think about: Have a look at the watercolour designs. Find out more about the playful and flamboyant Delaval family. Known for being artistic, they loved nothing more than staging a play for family and friends. Your new play area has been designed by William Hardie of Studio Hardie, known for Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces, and the design is inspired by the Delavals’ love of a performance and theatricality, playing with perspectives and drawing on the mechanics of staging.


The name should

  • Be no more than four words

  • Be easy to remember

  • Appeal to kids age 2 to 200

 Can you come up with the best name? Enter the competition by posting your suggestion in the box in the Project Hub and if you win you’ll have the chance to cut the ribbon at the official opening of the new play area and be the first to try it out! The winner will be selected by a panel of local children and William Hardie and announced later in the year.

Full terms and conditions are available by contacting Personal details will be securely stored and will not be used for any other purposes.