Summer Holiday Fun at Seaton Delaval Hall

Stop by this summer for some fabulous fun and marvellous mayhem. The Hall’s former resident family, the Delavals, were notorious pranksters and famed for their tomfoolery, hosting lavish parties and playing practical jokes on their unsuspecting guests.

Throughout the summer we’re taking inspiration from the ‘Gay Delavals’ and you can enjoy pop up performances, have a go at exciting new skills and revel in the ridiculous with a different theme each week.


There are also Make and Do crafting sessions every Wednesday and Sunday and a summer trail throughout the holidays. The games chest is available every day in the secret garden, café garden and paddock too.


6–10 August: Illusion Week

How did the Delavals deceive their party guests and gain their notorious reputation? Find out how to play some of your own pranks on your unsuspecting friends and family and learn or experience a magic trick or two….


13–17 August: Drama Week

The Delaval family loved a performance; staging events from rope dancers to masquerade balls and even their own lavish theatrical productions. Join us for theatrics and merriment throughout the week… it’s the hottest ticket in town!


20–24 August: Circus Skills Week

Whether it was grinning competitions, sack races or puppet shows, life with the Delavals was a carnival of fun and delight. Try your hand at a new circus skill and join in the fun.


27–31 August: Mischief and Mayhem Week

Expect the unexpected this week: chaos rules and you have full permission to join in the silliness. Parents… you have been warned!


See below for further details.


A small charge may apply for some activities. Standard admission applies for non-members.


There's lots of free activities at the hall this summer.
Plan your summer at Seaton Delaval Hall
There's lots of free activities at the hall this summer.