Are the rhododendrons still flowering?

Azalea Glowing Embers in flower

Despite last week’s heavy rain and wind the rhododendron display in the wild garden is still decorating the main drive, with an array of colours along with a number of flowering specimen trees. Take time to step out of the wild garden to explore other areas of the park to enjoy the natural display of wild flowers

Rhododendrons & Azaleas

The rhododendrons and azaleas are still providing a good variety of the colour in the wild garden.

The purple flowering rhododendron ponticum dominates the view from both viewing towers in the wild garden and also is a major player along the main drive combining nicely with some of the lighter varieties of loderi King George, williamsii and Francis B Hayes.

 The vibrant shades of orange and yellow azaleas will set the camera clicking; the name of one of the varieties ‘glowing embers’ will give you an idea of their impact. It not only the visual sense that will be activated, the strong sweet scent of some of the plants have the ability to stop you in your tracks.

The red flowered ‘Britannia’ has taken over the top half of summerhouse valley (first valley on the left) while some varieties are still only in bud so there is some more colour to come.  

The last head gardeners walk is on Tuesday 14th June at 2pm, cost £5.

If worth the climb to see the canopy of colour.
The view from one of the wild garden viewing towers

More highlights from the Wild Garden

The handkerchief and Chilean lantern trees are slightly hidden away from the main drive, so do ask in the visitor centre for directions to these flowering specimens. Both live up to their names with the white flowers (technically bracts) of the handkerchief tree blowing gently in the wind and a group of mass red flowering lantern trees in a clearing near the northern viewing tower.

Green alkanet is flourishing along many of the paths along with a number of rowan trees, which can also be seen out in the wider estate.

Do take a diversion into the Bower where both the sensory garden and wildflower meadow are full of colour attracting bees and other pollinating insects.

Take time to seek out a group of six Chilean lantern trees in flower
Chilean lantern trees in flower at Sheringham park


Buttercups have turned the bulk of the parkland into sea of yellow; look more closely you will also see red clover and speedwell adding to the display.

Buttercups providing a sea of colour in the parkland.
Buttercups in flower in the Sheringham parkland

7th June 2016