Sheringham Park Flowering Update 7th June 2017

The rhododendron display from the top of one of the veiwing towers

The recent high winds & heavy rain has affected the display but there is still some good colour to see in the garden.

Much of the rhododendron ponticum is still in flower throughout the wild garden. The climb up the rhododendron viewing towers is worthwhile to enjoy the colourful display. The late flowering rhododendron hybrid ‘polar bear’ (can you guess the colour of the flower?) is at the peak of its powers and the aptly named ‘glowing embers’ azalea lights up the woodland clearing just off the drive.

You cannot miss the collections of foxgloves all over the garden and do seek out a clearing close a to the 2nd rhododendron viewing tower where 6 Chilean lantern trees are in full flower.

Take time to seek out a group of six Chilean lantern trees in flower
Chilean lantern trees in flower at Sheringham park

A diversion to the Bower is worthwhile, where the flowers of wildflower meadow is attracting a lot of insect interest with campion, yellow rattle, ragged robin as well as ox-eyed daisies all providing a show.