Searching for exciting, imaginative and original gifts? Look no further than our range of virtual gifts. Weve got a great selection of meaningful gifts that are wonderful to receive and help us continue our vital work.

Some of our bestselling virtual gifts

  • Save the bees - £15

    There are over 250 species of bee in the UK yet many are in serious decline. As one of Britain’s biggest landowners, we’re at the forefront of trying to save many different varieties of wild bee, as well as the honey bee. This gift will help establish new honey bee colonies, plant bee-friendly plants and establish new habitats for wild bees.

  • Spring bulbs - £10

    Every year we plant hosts of daffodils, narcissi, bluebells and snowdrops in our gardens and parks. Those first flowers herald the joys of spring, lift the spirits and inspire everyone who sees them. The perfect gift for the Wordsworthian wanderer in your life!

  • Help save the red squirrel - £10

    The quintessentially British red squirrel is an increasingly rare sight. Due to habitat loss and the squirrel pox disease which is spread by grey squirrels, there are now only 160,000 left in Britain. This gift will help improve the red’s chances of survival by protecting its current habitat. Perfect for children, Beatrix Potter fans – and all redheads.

  • Bat detector - £10

    By finding out more about the roosts of endangered bats on our properties, we can help them thrive. This gift will go towards our bat surveys and the purchase of specialist bat detection equipment. Will have bat-lovers flapping with delight!

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