Re-imagining the Glasshouse at Shugborough

The dahlia glasshouse at Shugborough

We've used dahlias to evoke the memory of the lost glasshouses.

The reimagined glasshouse is a visual feast for the eyes that mimics how our walled garden would have once looked. When you enter our garden and look at the surrounding walls, you would have seen imposing glasshouses either side of the head gardener's house.  If you look closely, you can see the markings on the brick walls. The glasshouses would have grown all sorts of exotic fruits, such as pineapples, peaches and melons.

We started this project by working with Small Wood to create a unique willow structure to mimic the structure. Some more of their work can be seen around the garden, such as the archway.

The team from Small Woods are creating the willow structure for us
The team from Small Woods creating a willow structure
The team from Small Woods are creating the willow structure for us

Then our volunteer team filled that space with a multitude of wonderful dahlias of various heights. Throughout the summer, their colours are a real sight to see.

Once the colour has dwindled, our team protect these lovely flowers by covering them in a layer of our southdown sheep fleece, a layer of bracken collected by our rangers, a layer of horticultural fleece and a weed suppressant fabric.

We cover up the dahlias for winter
Cover up layers for the dahlias
We cover up the dahlias for winter

This romantic piece of living art is in full bloom in summer. But dont forget about all the oher lovely produce that we grow, which you can buy at harvest time. 

It is thanks to your support that we are able to re-imagine this important part of Shugborough’s history.