Re-imagining the Glasshouse at Shugborough

spring in the walled garden

Our garden team are starting an exciting project to evoke the memory of the glasshouses with dahlias in the Walled Garden

The reimagined glasshouse will be a visual feast for the eyes as it will mimic how our walled garden would have once looked. If you look at the walls adjacent to the Head Gardener's House, you will be able to see the outline of the rooves of the old glasshouses. The glasshouses would have grown all sorts of exotic fruits, such as pineapples, peaches and melons.

We worked with Small Wood to create a unique willow structure, which has been filled with glorious dahlias by our volunteer team. If you look around the Walled Garden, you may see some of our other willow structures.

We worked out the origins footprint of the conservatory and sprayed out the grass to dig and prepare the soil to make two borders either side of the original path. We installed edging board around the perimeter and bought in mulch to fill in the borders and made sure not to plant directly at ground level because we wanted to safeguard any remaining archeology.

The team from Small Woods are creating the willow structure for us
The team from Small Woods creating a willow structure
The team from Small Woods are creating the willow structure for us

Our Walled Garden, and in fact the entire Estate, was once a centre of innovation, and this grand structure will hope to bring it back to life. 

This romantic piece of living art will be in full bloom this summer, along with all of the beautiful flowers and tasty fruit and veg that we have planted. There will be a chance for you to take home your own piece of Shugborough from our shop when it is harvesting time.

The dahlias are starting to take shape
The dahlia glasshouse at Shugborough
The dahlias are starting to take shape

It is thanks to your support that we are able to re-imagine this important part of Shugborough’s history.