Schools at Shugborough

Two children looking at bugs they have caught

Shugborough’s impressively vast estate provides a variety of spaces to inspire young learners.

We intend to explore a variety of activities that will compliment all aspects of the National Curriculum over the upcoming years. The estate lends itself perfectly to history, geography and art to name just a few. We’ll start our offer by exploring living things at Shugborough and the activities will tie in to the science curriculum. 

With the project of renovation and rebuilding underway there are limitations to what we are currently able to offer. As the project develops and spaces open up we’ll have the opportunity to build an inspiring learning programme for our young learners. Join us on this journey and support the development of the property’s learning offer for future generations.

Please download our 2017 Education Pack for more details about our learning programme, where we’d like to take it, site facilities and booking information. 

Shugborough's educational offer 2017 (PDF / 0.3MB) download