Travelling in Style

Rover 75

In 1955 the 4th Earl of Lichfield Thomas Edward Anson bought this lovely Rover 75.

The Earl's Rover is a gorgeous black saloon with tan upholstery, and was purchased complete with a fire extinguisher, trafficators and fog and long range lamps. This car was the top of the range when it was purchased, and featured modern styling with a new streamlined body, recessed head lamps and a chrome grille. You may recognise the styling from the American Studebakers from the 1940s.

When the Earl died the car was passed to his wife Violet Margaret, Countess of Lichfield, who carried on running the car until the early 1980s. The countess used the car regularly to visit family in Devon. She was an independent woman, and would use the well-known AA route planner to navigate her own route. She then donated it to the care of the National Trust at Shugborough complete with its own number plate.

Conservation and Care
The car is in good condition for the its age. Our conservation team has carried out a full condition survey and is working to prevent further deterioration. 

Why are we not restoring it?
We will not be restoring this vehicle to full working condition for conservation reasons. Full restoration would mean that there would be a lot of interference with the vehicle and ultimately a loss of the original working parts that would be replaced at a high cost. We will continue to care for it and prevent further deterioration as much as possible.