Care, protection and restoration

As a charity, we work hard to look after the Estate here at Shugborough. We are undergoing some important project work, as well as vital conservation. Find out more about what we are getting up to.

Cleaning the carpets at Shugborough

Care and conservation

Our team are hard at work to care and protect our collections

The red drawing room at Shugborough

Don't be alarmed

We have started a major conservation project to replace the fire alarm system in the Mansion.

A water colour image by Moses Griffiths of the Cascade and Pagoda at Shugborough

Exciting archaeological finds

We have recently conducted a large archaeological survey, which has unearthed some exciting discoveries

spring in the walled garden

Re-imagining the Glasshouse at Shugborough

This summer, our Walled Garden will be bright with colour when our dahlia glasshouse come into bloom. Take a look at all the work our team are doing to re-imagine this distinctive structure.

Information signpost at Shugborough

Project updates

The management of the Shugborough Estate has been transferred back to the National Trust, after being leased by Staffordshire County Council since 1966.