Shugborough project updates

A view across the lawn to Shugborough Hall

The management of the Shugborough Estate transferred back to the National Trust on 1 November 2016, after being looked after by Staffordshire County Council since 1966.

We have exciting plans and want the whole estate to flourish, so have a project team working hard on-site. As a large amount of transformation work is needed, including improved parking and signage and better access to the parkland the estate will remain closed over the winter period.

We plan to reopen Shugborough on 21 March 2017. From then on the estate will be open year-round, closing only for Christmas Day.

You can keep up to date on the latest information below.

Latest posts

17 Feb 17

Taking down fencing

In order to open up access to the wider parkland and improve views we've begun removing much of the internal stock fencing which crisscrossed the estate. As fencing comes down, we'll be creating new walks to encourage visitors to get out and explore the 900 acre estate. Hayley Mival, Shugborough Project Manager, said:“We want to encourage people to walk through the parkland and visit the monuments and early buildings such as the Triumphal Arch, the Tower of the Winds and the Lanthorn of Demosthenes without having to climb over fences or through gates."

A lone gate left in a field at Shugborugh

15 Feb 17

Tree maintenance starts

Tree maintenance is now underway across the estate, which is one of the reasons we’ve had to keep the main drive closed, for safety reasons. Our tree specialists have surveyed the parkland to identify trees that are damaged or diseased and have to be removed. We’ll be leaving several of the trunks standing as they’re great for woodpeckers, and will also be using deadwood to create ideal wildlife habitats. We expect the tree maintenance work to take a couple of weeks to complete.

A ranger carrying out a tree inspection survey

09 Feb 17

Visitor Reception granted planning permission

Planning permission has now been granted for our new temporary Visitor Reception building. We were asked to amend the design to take into account feedback, so revised it to include a single pitch roof. With permission now granted we’re installing the base before work starts on the building itself.

A plan showing the side elevation of the new Visitor Reception building