Plant shop at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Most of the plants grown at Sissinghurst come from our nursery

'You have plants in the paths; you have plants trained over almost every square inch of wall; and where there's a gap, Vita encourages plants to grow in the walls' In your garden, 1950.

Abundant planting has always been at the heart of what we do here at Sissinghurst. Vita was passionate about colour, flowers and romantic planting in every ‘nook and cranny’.

Growing a garden 

The nursery has been an integral part of Sissinghurst since the garden’s creation in the 1930s. Vita used to sell plants from a cart at the garden entrance and it's a tradition that we are proud to continue.
Originally, its sole purpose was to grow plants for use in the garden but over time the nursery’s core role has developed to include growing plants for sale in our plant shop and a cutting garden. 

Growing and selling

The nursery propagates 95% of the plants we grow and sell by means of seeds, cuttings or division and all of the plants on sale can be seen growing in the garden. In 2015 it is estimated that the team grew 25,000 plants for the garden and shop.
Over winter in 2016, the team will be sowing 38,000 bulbs for use in the garden. 

Stop by at the plant shop at Sissinghurst to buy something home grown
Stop by at the plant shop at Sissinghurst to buy something home grown

The team

The nursery and plant shop team consists of a dedicated group of staff and volunteers who regularly spend time in the garden, if you need a plant related question answered then stop by the plant shop for some advice.
In the nursery, work goes on daily with potting, weeding, moving, pruning, feeding and watering the thousands of plants growing in the nursery beds and in the glasshouses.  

Getting it right

Our core ethos is that the garden and plant shop are intrinsically linked and that the plants we sell represent and reflect the beauty and importance of the garden. Archival research is ongoing to learn about what Vita and Harold would have planted in the garden too, making for authentic planting plans true to their style.
So to take home a living piece of Sissinghurst Castle Garden, be sure to stop by at the plant shop when you visit.