Plant shop at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

The Old dairy plant shop with pots and plants on offer

'You have plants in the paths; you have plants trained over almost every square inch of wall; and where there's a gap, Vita encourages plants to grow in the walls' In your garden, 1950.

Abundant planting has always been at the heart of what we do here at Sissinghurst. Vita was passionate about colour, flowers and romantic planting in every ‘nook and cranny’.



At Sissinghurst Castle Garden we are very fortunate to have our own plant nursery on site. The nursery plays an integral role in supporting the garden, each year 20,000 annuals, biennials, herbs, herbaceous perennials and shrubs are propagated from seed, cuttings and divisions collected from the garden by our Senior Propagator. These plants are grown on and cared for in the nurseries glasshouses and cold frames with help from the gardeners and a dedicated team of volunteers. The plants are used in a wide variety of ways throughout the garden, in seasonal planting schemes, border rejuvenation, project work and in containers and troughs.


Stop by at the plant shop at Sissinghurst to buy something home grown
Stop by at the plant shop at Sissinghurst to buy something home grown
Stop by at the plant shop at Sissinghurst to buy something home grown

Growing and selling

The nursery grows upwards of 15,000 plants for our on site plant shop. The plant shop offers a stunning range of perennials, bulbs, roses and shrubs beautifully displayed for visitors to browse and enjoy all year round. At Sissinghurst we offer visitors the unique chance to take a piece of Sissinghurst garden home with them and our knowledgeable plant shop team are on hand to offer help and advice with plant queries and questions.

The plant shop also offers a wide range of tools, accessories, garden decorations, and pots. For those of our visitors who like to propagate their own plants we sell an extensive range of Sarah Raven and Jekka herb seeds. Not forgetting the keen vegetable growers, who have been inspired by the Sissinghurst vegetable plot, we have seasonal veg plants for sale throughout the year, grown from seed by the veg team and produce picked daily.

So to take home a living piece of Sissinghurst Castle Garden, be sure to stop by at the plant shop when you visit.