A garden for every season at Sizergh

The stunning rock garden at Sizergh

You'll find real variety in our seven-hectare garden – from the formal hot wall to the wilder landscape of the magnificent limestone rock garden.


The original Lakeland daffodil carpets the wildflower bank and Snakeshead Fritillaria nod to the cherry blossom above in the Small Orchard. 

Shiny leaved hart's-tongue ferns contrast with the royal ferns, known as Osmunda regalis, which sprout purple shoots fuelled by the warmth of the sun and longer days. 

Dwarf daffodils and blue Muscari nestle among the limestone in the rock garden and provide soft drifts of colour against the weather worn rock. The garden is alive with birdsong and frogspawn, for we garden organically and strive to create a wildlife-friendly environment. 

The hives in the Orchard are ‘a buzz’ with bees and the Kitchen Gardeners are avidly sowing and propagating what will soon become super-tasty delights for visitors in the café.

Border of tulips in bloom at Sizergh Castle, Cumbria
Tulips at Sizergh Castle
Border of tulips in bloom at Sizergh Castle, Cumbria


No garden is complete without a herbaceous border and we have lots of interesting and unusual perennials that are carefully tended to and backed by clematis and roses. 

Fun and laughter is heard from families enjoying the chance to play croquet on the lawn, adjacent to the Hot Wall, where grapes are developing at a pace and provide a backdrop to the patchwork of stunning dahlia blooms, ideal for cutting and taking into the house.

Splashes of texture and vibrant colour from annuals for cutting, jostle amongst the edible produce in the Kitchen Garden. Fragrant sweet peas invite closer examination and bunches are available in exchange for a small donation.

The Solar Tower and bright blue of the sky is reflected in the Mirror Lake and young coot chicks preen themselves whilst perching on the flowering water lilies. 

Family exploring the stumpery at Sizergh


The kitchen garden remains busy and the bee keeper arrives to harvest the honey from the hives in the Orchard.

The trees in the Orchard are laden with fruit, ready for our Juicing Day. The acers in the Rock garden create a magnificent display and are ablaze with colours ranging from deep butter yellow, through to burnt oranges and reds. 

Colchicums burst bright pink against the newly fallen leaves and the gardeners begin lifting and storing the dahlia tubers so they can be replanted next year. 


Frost sits on the winter kale in the Kitchen Garden. The brightly coloured cornus stems sing out from the lakeside and can be seen from the driveway approach. 

Hellebores in shades of pinks, greens and whites, some double, some mottled, are a delight to see and the gardeners begin planning what they will grow in the year ahead.

Swathes of snowdrops, aconites and cyclamen grace The Knoll and sit jewel-like amongst the fallen leaves. Spring is on its way, with the promise of long sunny summer days.