Recipes inspired by Cecilia Strickland

pork pie

Cecilia Strickland, mistress of Sizergh from the mid-eighteenth century, has inspired many of the recipes we use in the café today. You can try recreating sweet and savory treats at home using these downloadable recipe cards.

Chestnut, white chocolate and cranberry blondie

Cecilia Strickland visited Versailles and returned with sweet chestnut seeds which she planted at Sizergh and can still be seen as our ancient trees today. Try this indulgent, seasonal bake using sweet chestnuts.

Chestnut, white chocolate and cranberry blondie (PDF / 1.23828125MB) download

Chestnut and vanilla cake

Try this simple bake with sweet chestnut frosting and topped with caramelised chestnuts.

Chestnut and vanilla cake (PDF / 1.197265625MB) download

Chocolate pavlova

An impressive dessert layered with meringue, sweet chestnuts and dark chocolate.

Chocolate pavlova (PDF / 1.2158203125MB) download

Pork pie

A hand raised pie would have been the centrepiece of any Georgian banquet. Inspired by Cecilia’s time spent living at Sizergh, these mini raised pork pies are sure to be a summer picnic favourite.

Pork pie (PDF / 1.28125MB) download

Smoked trout fish cake

In her letters, Cecilia Strickland writes about trout in the River Kent. This comforting dish, inspired by Cecilia’s life at Sizergh, pairs smoked trout with horseradish– delicious served with a crisp salad and tartare sauce.

Trout fish cake (PDF / 1.30078125MB) download

Trout tart

This tasty dish pairs smoked trout with peppery watercress – perfect served with a crisp salad and hot buttered new potatoes.

Trout tart (PDF / 1.5546875MB) download