October: a celebration of autumn

Snowshill Manor in Autumn

Autumn is a great time to come and discover everything Snowshill has to offer. As August fades into the mellow months of autumn Snowshill is a delight to the senses.

The Apple trees, row after row
With glowing fruit are laden low.
Apples of red, Apples of gold,
The trees a rare rich harvest hold.
                                        Charles Wade

The brighter colours of summer have given way to warm golds and russets, and the orchards are laden with fruit.

Make the most of these bright autumn days and come and explore the garden and manor. Help us gather the windfall apples, relax in the garden and let your imagination wander or chance upon a craftsperson demonstrating their skills.



Did you know there are over 50 different types of apple at Snowshill? We celebrate this humble fruit in the autumn.

Every year, we harvest the apples from the orchard and these are available for you to buy in bags in return for a donation. "They are exceptionally tasty and by popping a pound in the pot for our produce you're helping us to look after the garden throughout the year" says Vicky Cody, Senior Gardener.


Seasonal menu

The tea-room is constantly innovating and coming up with delicious seasonal treats for you, this autumn's menu features dishes made with Snowshill's own apples - such as apple and parsnip soup and pork and apple sausages.

It is in the tea-room that you'll get some great views across the Vale of Evesham as the leaves change from a vibrant green to golden yellow, red and brown - a magical sight.