Spring at Snowshill

Dovecote in spring

Snowshill Manor and Garden has woken up from its winter slumber in time for spring.

The manor

In the manor the covers are off and Charles Wade's collection of remarkable treasures is once more on show. Over the winter the collection has been carefully checked and cleaned. The scent of beeswax flows through the rooms, the samurai warriors gleam, the glasses sparkle and you could believe that with some wind in their sails the model ships could set forth.

The garden slowly comes to life

‘…T’is sweet life giving time of spring
When all the Birds right blithely sing.’  
Charles Wade

Charles Wade loved this time of year and as the days lengthen, and there is a hint of warmth in the air, the garden and the countryside around Snowshill are bursting into life.

Wander through the orchards and garden which will soon be filled with the scent of apple blossom and the sound of bees at work.

In the fields next to the path towards the garden you'll soon see the Clun lambs (looked after by our tenant farmer) at play, bounding about and setting the spring scene here at Snowshill.

Spring is also a great time to enjoy the far-reaching views across the Cotswolds too, with a circular walk in the local countryside for you to enjoy. You can collect a map from Visitor Reception.