Spring at Snowshill

Bee with blossom

Snowshill Manor and Garden has woken up from its winter slumber in time for spring.

" ‘…T’is sweet life giving time of spring When all the Birds right blithely sing.’ "
- Charles Paget Wade

The garden in spring

Charles Wade loved this time of year and his notebooks are full of the beauty of nature to be found in his garden and the surrounding countryside. As the days begin to lengthen and there is a hint of warmth in the air, dust off the cobwebs and come and explore the garden at Snowshill as it bursts into life after the stillness of winter. 

Wander through the orchard where drifts of bright daffodils nod their cheery heads in the breeze. The fruit trees, cloaked in their spring clouds of snowy blossom, are a joy for visitors and bees alike. 

J.B Priestly described the valley in which Snowshill sits as ‘one of the those green little valleys that at once makes you feel oddly remote...clean out of this world.’ It is the perfect place to explore on a spring walk which takes in the beauty of this place and gives remarkable views of Snowshill Manor and Garden. A free walking leaflet can be collected from Visitor Reception.

The manor

With spring finally here it is time to throw off the dust sheets in the manor and reveal once more this remarkable house and Charles Wade’s extraordinary collection. The winter has seen the conservation team hard at work, cleaning and checking objects both those on display and those kept in stores, and now it is time for them to be revealed once more.