Do you dare to Tackle the Tower?

The red and white striped tower of Souter Lighthouse against a blue sky

We're offering a handful of brave people a rare chance to abseil 76ft down the lighthouse under the expert guidance of outdoor activity specialists Pinpoint Adventure.

It's all for a good cause. Situated on top of the cliff, the Foghorn House experiences some extreme weather; after decades of being buffeted by damp coastal winds, rain and salt, the building is in desperate need of repair. We'll provide participants with a sponsorship form and, by raising a minimum of £50 each, you can help us renovate and protect this piece of North East maritime history.

The Fog Horn House overlooks the sea
The small white square building of Souter's Fog Horn House overlooks the sea
The Fog Horn House overlooks the sea

Salts and moisture have forced their way through the Foghorn House's walls, causing the ceramic tiles inside to crack and fall off. We halted the movement of moisture by putting a heater in the room but many of the tiles are already damaged beyond repair. Some now have sharp edges, so we’ve covered them up to protect our visitors.  

We need to replace these broken tiles and get the Foghorn House back to its former glory. New ones will have to be specially made using moulds taken of each type of tile. 

To find out how you can sign up for our Tackle the Tower sponsored abseiling event on either Saturday 29 July or Sunday 13 August, please visit our what’s on page. No experience necessary, you'll be in the safe hands of the team from Pinpoint Adventure.

If abseiling isn’t your thing but you’d still like to help, we will also be raising funds for the Foghorn House via donations and raffle ticket sales in the shop. Every £1 spent on a raffle ticket means £2 towards the project, as well as a chance for the buyer to win the first prize of £10,000. 

Each visit to the lighthouse, event attended, souvenir or gift bought in the shop and drink, meal or snack enjoyed in the café helps us to look after Souter Lighthouse and The Leas, now and for the future.