Learning at Speke Hall

Children playing outside at Speke Hall, Garden and Estate, Merseyside

Speke Hall is a 16th-century timber-framed building with a largely Victorian interior strongly influenced by its Tudor past. With formal gardens, semi-ancient woodlands and an estate walk with views to the Mersey and Liverpool Airport, Speke Hall is a wonderful place to bring students interested in history, geography, science, technology, art or tourism.

We have a number of programmes on offer - just choose the one that best suits your students' needs. It's even possible to negotiate your own programme with our Education team. See the information below to find out more about the variety of tours we can offer or download our PDF leaflet for further details and prices.
Our Education programmes run Tuesday to Friday during term time from March to November 2020. Advance booking is essential as we have limits on the amount of people we can take each day and we may have to ask you to spread your visit over two days.

Houses & homes

Look at the Victorian contents of the Hall to discover how the rooms were used and compare how things used to be with how they are today. What has changed and what hasn't? Up to 60 students.

Tudor morning tour

This tour covers the inside and outside of the Hall, looking at who built it and how religious and political changes affected them. Learn Tudor dancing and see replica costumes. Up to 60 students.

Afternoon sessions

Follow your Tudor tour with a classroom session to learn about Tudor clothing, table manners and how pomanders were used. Different options are available for up to 40 students.

Victorian tour

See Speke Hall as it was left by its last owner, Adelaide Watt and discover how the latest Victorian innovations were brought in to make life in the house more comfortable. Up to 60 students.

Small group visits

Smaller groups (Leisure & Tourism students, special schools etc) can visit the Hall during normal public opening, Wed-Fri from 12.30pm. Max group size is 20. Please book with the Education department.

Grounds only visit

These visits can be made throughout the school year but it is essential they are booked in advance with the Education department.