Star gazing at St Agnes


On a clear night there's nothing quite like heading outside and looking up to the heavens to see what's out there, right above our heads.

St Agnes Head is one of the dark skies discovery sites, so you'll know that if you fancy a spot of star gazing, then it's guaranteed to be free from light pollution giving you a really good place to look up.

Whether you're part of an astronomy group or just by yourselves there's plenty of space at St Agnes Head. Just make sure you're fully prepared, with good footwear to cope with the paths and tracks and be aware of the cliff edges. If you don't want to leave the warmth of your car, then there is a lot of space in the car park areas for you to face the right way and get a front row seat.

Each season we move round to reveal a different view of the cosmos, once you get to know some of the main constellations you'll easily be able to track their course throughout the year. The team at Dark Skies Discovery have made a simple star chart to help get you started.

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Dark matter day

Dark Matter Day will mark the global hunt for dark matter, the huge part of the Universe that scientists’ calculations tell us exists, but that has never been observed.
STFC, the UK’s lead partner for the global Dark Matter Day initiative, is looking for people and organisations to get involved and run Dark Matter Day events.

St Agnes Head is one of the dark skies sites, so why not head over there, or see where else there is to join in.

If you'd like to get involved in the days each year and for more information please see the following pages: