Nightjar Walks

Picture of a nightjar

Hear the ‘churring’ of nightjars at Rosewall Hill on a National Trust’s night time walk this summer.

Starting in the Rosewall car park at 9pm on 23 and 30 June, 5 , 14 , 20  and 28  July, the ranger team will be running free guided walks up the hill to spot the nocturnal birds.

Nightjars are on RSPB’s amber status list, and had vanished from the hill for many years before returning in 2009. They nest on the ground and have a supernatural reputation, including the mythical ability to steal milk from goats.

The National Trust in West Cornwall works with tenant farmers to maintain and restore these birds’ habitats. These walks are running as part of a programme of events to promote the conservation of a healthy and beautiful environment for wildlife and people, all made possible by the generosity of members and donors.

The tours are a chance to get to know more about why the nightjars are so special, what other wildlife is on the hill, and how the land is conserved.

Shaun Boyns, Area Ranger, says, ‘The nightjars are a special bird that disappeared from from the hill in the late 1950s after several summer fires. We are delighted that they have chosen to breed at Rosewall again and are keen to share our passion and work with visitors.’

Please call Amanda Day on 01736 761853 or email for more information or to book.