Nightjar Walks

Nightjar at Rosewall Hill

Hear the ‘churring’ song of nightjars at Rosewall Hill by joining a free guided walk with the ranger team on 13 and 27 June, 11 and 24 July.

Nightjars at Rosewall Hill

Nightjars are protected birds by The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and we are lucky to have a pair breeding in West Cornwall at Rosewall Hill. Nightjars are nocturnal birds that are usually seen at dawn and dusk catching their favourite prey, moths and other insects. They are ground nesting birds that migrate all the way from Africa to breed in the UK from May to August. The National Trust in West Cornwall works with tenant farmers to maintain and restore these birds’ habitats to give them the best chance of breeding successfully.

" The nightjars are a special bird that vanished from the hill for many years before returning in 2009. We are delighted that they have chosen to breed at Rosewall again and we are keen to share our passion and the work we are doing to help these protected birds breed successfully, on these guided walks."
- Shaun Boyns

Event details

Join area ranger Shaun Boyns to learn more about why nightjars are so special, what other wildlife is on the hill and how we work with the tenant farmers to manage this land. Free guided walks on the 13 & 27 June and 11 & 24 July, 9-11pm meeting at Rosewall Hill car park. Booking is required by calling 03442491895 or booking online by following the link below:

A fantastic opportunity to listen out to the ‘churring’ song of the male nightjar and keep a look out for these birds silhouette in the sky hunting for their prey.

Take care during Nightjar season

Nesting so close to the ground, these birds are at risk of disturbance. This can be from predators, but most often from human activity.

To minimise your disturbance to these special birds, please follow these simple steps:

1.    Keep dogs on leads when walking around Rosewall Hill.
2.    Keep to the paths and try not to veer off these paths.