Friday at OctoberFest

Stonecooked pizza oven

The first day of OctoberFest is very much about delicious food, live music and a great start to the weekend.

Kicking it off at 3pm with a strong selection of acoustic guitar playing and folk songs will be southern singer-songwriter Arthur Cunnington. Followed all evening with music from: 
5.15pm: Shallamara – a modern touch on the folk rock tradition. 
6.30pm: Mike Turnbull – A local to the Lake District, Mike is an indie and British folk musician. His main instruments are the tenor guitar, octave mandola and tenor ukulele.
7pm: Dessie Magee – A modern folk-pop singer-songwriter who incorporates elements of rock, blues and soul. 
8.30pm: Tanya Ward
9pm: Imperial Leisure – Imperial Leisure’s music is a fun-loving throwback to the ska-2-tone era combined with recent punkrock-hiphop sounds. They’re known for their fun and high energy performance. 
10pm: Acoustic session inside

Head to the hayloft on Friday evening for a Kendal Mountain Festival film on the big screen at 6pm. 

Food & drink 
Friday is pizza and nachos night. Fresh stone cooked pizzas will be made to order from our pizza oven and there’ll be nacho stacks with all the trimmings, including jalapeno cheese sauce, Guacamole, sour cream and jalapenos. Both vegan and meat options available. We’re delighted to have real ales from some of the Lake District’s best breweries. 

The Stickle Gryll Friday menu (PDF / 0.03125MB) download