Visiting the house at Stoneacre

The view along Screens Passage at Stoneacre, Kent

Plan your next visit to the house by taking a look below at some of the rooms that you can see at Stoneacre.

The Great Hall

This room was certainly designed to impress. The unusually high ceilings and the high quality timber work are some of the eye catching features in the great hall.

When the house was originally built in the 1480's there would have been a hearth in the middle of the great hall. After many changes down the centuries a fireplace was introduced. The impressive fireplace that you can see today was actually purchased from a local inn.

The great hall is the perfect room to see the alterations of Stoneacre throughout the centuries, with changes happening seemingly non stop from the 15th century up until the early 20th century.

The Solar

This wasn't always a master bedroom, it's initial use in the medieval house was to serve as the main upstairs living room for the family.

It was long thought that the name of this room had something to do with the sun, however, it is instead believed to be taken from the Latin; 'solus' meaning alone, which shows that this room was designed solely for the family to enjoy each others company.

There is plenty of fascinating pieces in this room, such as the impressive and very weighty window shutters. Made of solid wood these shutters weigh around 15kgs each, and are of a very unsuaul design. The paintings and firepalce are other highlights which give this room a lot of colour throughout the year.

The Solar at Stoneacre
The Solar at Stoneacre
The Solar at Stoneacre

The Parlour

The parlour is one of the last rooms built in the original house. The cutains are a rare surving piece of the collection which were found wrapped up in the attic. The design on them was created by Herbert Horne around 1884. In this room are two architectual drawings of Stoneacre before and after it's restoration in the 1920's, which gives a great insight into how it evolved over the centuries.