Get Creative at Stoneywell

Flower arranging at Stoneywell

Being creative is at the heart of Stoneywell, the cottage is the epitome of the arts and crafts movement in architectural design and in the craftsmanship of the objects in our collection. You too are invited to get creative and take part in a number of events. Whether your interests lie in the garden or cottage, there is something for everyone to see, learn and do.

Learn about how we get creative with our conservation

See how we use paintbrushes to care for our collection (or to be precise, pony or hog hair brushes). Our Heritage Open Day, on the 9th September, is your chance to learn the techniques used to care for the objects in the cottage. You will also be able to have a go caring for some of our handling collection. There will be a particular focus on the care of the Stoneywell dolls; it's the one day of the year when they get to have a good wash!

Get creative in the garden

Learn the art of flower arranging this autumn, by booking on our workshop, taking place on the 14th September. This is your chance to carry on the Stoneywell tradition of using foliage from the garden and creating beautiful floral displays. The workshop will include demonstrations, guidance in choosing materials for displays and making your own arrangement to take home with you.

Flower arrangement at Stoneywell
flower arrangement at Stoneywell

Help us create a healthy meadow on Sunday17th September when we will be raking up the mown grass from the meadow. We are very proud of the meadow at Stoneywell; a host of golden daffodils in March, a carpet  of bluebells in April and May and a colourful mix of wildflowers and grasses for the rest of the summer. Once flowering is over and the insects have had their fill of nectar we mow the meadow to keep it healthy, we then rake up the grass for compost; all this keeps the meadow in tip top condition. Why not make the perfect mix on your visit, go on a cottage tour, be refreshed in the tearoom, wander the garden then try your hand at hay raking. You will be able to join our gardening team rake the meadow grass.

Hay raking in the Stoneywell meadow
Hay raking in the meadow

Get the pens and paints out

Stoneywell has been, and continues to be, an inspiration for artists. On Wednesday 11th October, it is your chance to take time out, find a spot in the garden and get your creative juices flowing. Bring your paints, pencils and paper and let the cottage exterior or a spot in the garden be your muse for the day. On the day, you will also be able to chat with some of our volunteers about what inspires them about Stoneywell and gets their creative juices flowing.

October half-term

October half term it is a perfect opportunity to get outdoors and creative, follow our Swallows and Amazons themed trail, finding clues and ticking off some of the fifty things to do before you're 11 and 3/4, including creating your own piece of wild art and making your own den in the woodland. All those that successfully complete the trail will be rewarded with marshmallows to toast on our campfire!