Free flow days at Stoneywell.

A volunteer leads a guided tour for visitors

Now and again, you can experience Stoneywell a different way, when you can set your own pace around the cottage. Look out for certain days of the year, when the cottage is open for free flow.

On most days, we run fabulous guided tours of the cottage. But, there are a number of free flow days throughout the year. These are mostly on our event days, to help ease the flow of people around the cottage, as well as giving you an opporunitity to wander the cottage at your leisure.

The following are the free flow dates for 2019.

Making a table decoration at Stoneywell
Flower arranging at Stoneywell
Making a table decoration at Stoneywell



Saturday 2 Reawaken Conservation

Sunday 10 Photography Day


Sunday 31 Mother's Day


Saturday 6 Photography Day

Friday 19 - Monday 22 Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt


Saturday 4 Spokes and Ladders

Monday 6 Bank Holiday

Monday 27 Bank Holiday

A family game of quoits in the garden
A father and daughter play quoits in the garden
A family game of quoits in the garden


Sunday 16 Fathers Day


Monday 26 Bank Holiday


Saturday 14 -  Sunday 15 Heritage Open Weekend


Saturday 16 Conservation in Action

Saturday 23 - Sunday 24 Step into Christmas

Saturday 30 Step into Christmas

A family making a festive table decoration at Stoneywell, Leicestershire

For more information about any date, check out our events listings. For all days, you must pre-book your visit, using our dedicated booking system. Both can be found from the Stoneywell homepage.