Stourhead 75

Rhododendrons next to the Temple of Apollo at Stourhead in Wiltshire

In 2021 the National Trust celebrates 75 years of caring for Stourhead. To mark this occasion, and to reflect on all the unprecedented events of the last year, we will be working with a partner to deliver a community-led anniversary arts project which aims to celebrate the things we cherish the most about the green spaces, like Stourhead, that have been there for us during this extraordinary time.

In 2020, we all lived through unforeseen challenges to our wellbeing in the face of the global pandemic, challenges such as isolation, loneliness and uncertainty. Nature and the inevitability of the changing seasons have offered a grounding sense of certainty and hope, and we continue to turn to local landscapes for space and support.

A blue tit

Research shows we need more access to nature

A poll commissioned by the National Trust has revealed how an increased relationship with nature appears to have helped people across the UK since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Over two thirds of all adults either agreed or strongly agreed that spending time noticing nature around them has made them feel happier in lockdown.

So, what’s the project?

Stourhead 75 seeks to capture a snapshot of that connection between personal wellbeing and nature at this moment in time.

Throughout this year we’ll be working with our partners, Creativity Works , a charity based in Somerset, to build a massive, mass participation art installation that will be made up of hundreds, perhaps thousands of unique, individual pieces all handmade by people involved with the wider Stourhead community. Whether you’re a volunteer, a member of staff, a local resident or a visitor, we want you to get involved.

" We know from our own experiences and from those our visitors share with us that Stourhead is a place where people can feel the lofty heights of joy or the place they come for consolation in the depths of sorrow. In our 75th year we want to create an experience that’s relevant and that celebrates the personal connections that people have to this special place. These personal stories will inspire the creation of our anniversary installation."
- Philip Niemand, General Manager at Stourhead

How can I get involved?

The project will open up to the public on 3 August 2021 when we’ll be asking everyone to get involved in creating their own pieces to add to the installation in the garden and sharing how you can go about doing this.

In the meantime if you would like to share your personal connection with Stourhead and what it means to you, or express your interest in getting involved, please email ….. We would love to hear from you.   

We’ll be sharing regular updates here and on our social media channels as the project progresses so please check back again soon.  


What spending time in the garden at Stourhead means to me.

Hear from Garden Volunteer Elaine, as she shares how spending time in the outdoor spaces at Stourhead helps her mental and physical health.

" ‘We all want quiet. We all want beauty … we all need space.’"