Behind closed doors tours

A chance to see behind the normally closed doors of the house. These tours will give you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

Visitors enjoying a tour of the house

Led by volunteer guides, these tours show another side to the house, and how we care for it and the collection inside today.

Whilst our conservation assistants carry out their winter tasks, your tour guide may show you what they are up to in the showrooms and how we care for the collection, but they will also take you further into the house, to areas that aren’t normally open to the public, which may include our conservation areas, store rooms and servants quarters.

The house spreads over five floors and you may have the opportunity to explore cellars, basements, showrooms, the first floor and even the attic on your tour.

Some of the rooms that you may see on your tour include the bedroom of Stourhead’s housekeeper which was, on occasion, instead that of the cook – both positions earning the status of an upper servant with a room of their own.

Stourhead has two nurseries, one for day and one for night. On your tour, you may be taken to these rooms, but there are several sets of stairs to climb before you get here.

" It was not for nothing that nurseries were often placed at the top of the house, as far away from the family as possible"
- The Victorian Domestic Servant by Trevor May (A Shire Album)

Venturing below stairs you may capture a glimpse of the large kitchen, which whist still retaining some of its furniture is used very differently today. Also in the basement you may spot where the beautiful floral displays in the house are created, and some of the areas we use to store equipment such as our stairclimber. But if your guide leads you further below ground into the cellar, then do look out for the man trap and other curiosities.

Behind closed doors take place weekdays until 6 March. Normal admission applies.

Please call us on 01747 841152 to book your place.