Stowe's Christmas shopping season

Christmas cupcakes

We are fully booked for our 2018 shopping season with stallholders. In November and December 2016, we'll be hosting a new Christmas shopping experience for our visitors from our atmospheric Parlour rooms. We're looking for stallholders who'll leap at the opportunity to sell their special and local products at Stowe.

We're looking to expand Stowe's festive offer for visitors and would like to invite you to join us as a stallholder at our Homemade and traditional - Christmas shopping season. 

Tell me about the event

In November and December 2016 we're launching our inaugural Christmas shopping event with a more atmospheric feel compared to that of the usual marquee experience. We have six indoor historic spaces up for grabs for and available to hire for as long as you’d like – just think of it as extended floor space for your current offer and at a low price!

The details

  • Spaces are available to rent from 14 November to 23 December.
  • Pricing options for: 3 days (£10 per day), 5 days (£8 per day) and 7 days (£6 per day)
  • If you wish to rent for longer than 7 days, please get in touch.

Our plan is to firmly establish this as a tradition in the local area and hope you'll see the benefit of joining us in this venture from the beginning.  

Why should I pick Stowe?

Over 750 acres of landcsape garden filled with over 50 temples, lakes and trails make Stowe the ideal National Trust place to escape the modern commericialised Christmas of the High Street. Our visitors love the tranquil walks in the gardens with crisp winter frosts creating amazing opportunities to get together with the family. 

We have a predominately adult audience visit us in the winter who cherish traditional moments, getting inspired with homemade crafts and looking for special gifts in a relaxed setting. They know local and quality products when they see them and tell us that they choose their days out based on finding events like this one. With a little more disposable income, they appreciate the hard work that goes into an artisan product. 

This makes the opportunity to become a stallholder with us irresistable with a knowledgeable and discerning customer base, whilst you'll be included in publicity within our National Trust marketing at Stowe. 

Christmas tree at Newark Park in Gloucestershire

Stallholder info

Here's all the essential info about the event, the Parlour rooms at the New Inn visitor centre and the terms and conditions.

Mince pies and a festive drink

Stallholder application form

Join us for a season of homemade and traditional festivities at National Trust Stowe as a stallholder this Christmas.

Can I have a chat?

If you'd like to give us a call to chat through the options, any questions you have and send in applications forms please give us a call on 01280 817156 and ask for Kathryn Lovell, or email us

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas planning!