Top tips for surviving hot weather at Stowe

When the mercury rises and the sun is shining Stowe is beautiful, but is very much open to the elements. So when it's set to be *hot hot hot* these top tips will help you make the most of your day. Stay cool and play safe.

When the mercury rises here are some of our top tips on how to stay safe whilst visiting Stowe:

☀️ Our temples and wooded areas such as Lamport Garden and the Lake Pavilions are great for seeking some shade

☀️ The gardens are large and open to the elements so bring along plenty of water for your visit

☀️ There is an 800m walk to the entrance of the garden with benches dotted along the way

☀️ Remember your sun lotion, sun hat and sunglasses

☀️ Use our free maps to pick a route and decide how far you'll go and choose rest stops along the way

☀️ You are more than welcome to enjoy a summer's picnic, but please no BBQs or smoking on site

Stay cool and play safe!