Walking trail

Deer Park walk at Stowe

Walking trail

Enjoy the open and peaceful setting of the deer park. Green spotted woodpeckers and other wildlife can be seen in the parkland of rolling hills, fields and groves of trees.

Spot the longhorn cows and sheep that are living lawnmowers in this pastoral scene, helping to control fast-growing grasses and plants so that the meadows are rich with swathes of wildflowers in the summer.

National Trust Stowe, Buckinghamshire


Map route for Deer Park walk at Stowe


Stowe Parkland car park, Stowe, grid ref: SP670377


Start your walk from the parkland visitor car park beside Home Farm. Walk up the hill on the gravel track towards the main track, where you will see a view of the north front of Stowe House.

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Turn left at the main track and walk up the main tarmac track. At the top of the track, look out for signs of badgers latrines and deer prints, as they are frequent night-time visitors of Stowe.

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At the bridleway crossroad, go through the gates on the left and walk across a small field towards another small gate. Go through the gate and immediately turn left to follow the track up to General Wolfe's Obelisk, which is a tall and proud monument that commemorates the victorious achievements of General Wolfe who was killed in action at the battle of Quebec.

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At General Wolfe's Obelisk, enjoy the view of the parkland and trees that are planted in a regimental formation to conjure images of General Wolfe's successful army in battle. Follow the main grass path towards the ridings, go through a gate and continue following the grass path as it descend down the field towards the stream at point 5.


At the stream, follow the waymarker and turn left to follow the grass path towards the Haymanger Pond. From here you can see a lovely view of the ridings and horses, towards the direction of Stowe Corner at Silverstone.


At the Haymanger Pond, follow the boundary of the field. Go through the gate and continue to the remains of the Walled Garden.


At the Walled Garden, continue on the grass path back down towards the parkland visitor car park by Home Farm.


For an extension to your walk and a close-up look at the Conduit House from Home Farm, retrace your steps and follow the path along the valley bottom which will lead you towards the Conduit House.

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Stowe Parkland car park, Stowe, grid ref: SP670377

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Deer Park walk at Stowe


Gravelled paths, grass paths up hills and gates.

Dogs on leads welcome. Livestock, sheep and cows, may be grazing in some of the fields.

Deer Park walk at Stowe

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Deer Park walk at Stowe

How to get here

Stowe Parkland car park, Stowe, Buckingham
By road

The visitor car park for the parklands of Stowe is located down a single track near the village of Dadford, just after the duck pond and before the bollards at grid reference SP670377. The car park has a gravel surface with enough space for six cars.

By foot

3 miles (4.8km) from Buckingham along Stowe Avenue and along bridleway through parkland.

By bus

Nearest buses serve Buckingham 3 miles (4.8km).

Deer Park walk at Stowe

Facilities and access

  • Dogs on leads welcome