Coastal walks between Strumble Head and Cardigan

The stretch of coastline between Strumble Head and Cardigan was made for exploring on foot. Walk your way along the coast path and experience the stunning seascapes and wild spirit of the place.

Long view from the western edge of Dinas Island

Dinas Island spectacular walk

Enjoy a refreshing ramble around Dinas Island for some of the best views in Pembrokeshire.

Coastal heath and stunning geology at Pen Anglas

Pen Anglas headland walk

Discover great views across Cardigan Bay and a barefoot walking path on this family-friendly adventure walk into the wild.

Garn Fawr's rocky coast

Garn Fawr viewpoint walk

A short but spectacular walk to the top of Garn Fawr for stunning seascapes and heaps of history, from an Iron Age fort to a World War lookout.