Autumn hall closures at Sudbury… ready for a very special spring

Sudbury hall in Autumn

Sudbury Hall will be closed between 10 September and 19 October 2018, the Museum of Childhood, shop and tea-room will still be open as normal during this period. Please check our opening times before your visit. We’re working towards a new vision for 2019 for the hall to be open an extra 128 days, but in the meantime we’ve got a lot of preparation to do.

We’re aware that the decision to close the hall during September and October will be disappointing for many, but we know that long term it'll be a huge benefit to our visitors and members.

Why do we need to close?

Extending opening of the hall puts a huge extra strain on the building and its precious contents; we need to be absolutely sure that we have taken the right precautions to protect it from preventable damage and inevitable additional wear and tear.

The Hall will be closed for conservation and maintenence
Ladders during conservation work in the Hall
The Hall will be closed for conservation and maintenence

During our autumn closed period we will be undertaking light protection work to protect Sudbury’s collection. Wallpapers, fabrics and paintings can be particularly at risk from light damage, we’ll be exploring ways that we can better protect them from prolonged light exposure.

As you'd expect with almost any heritage building there are areas of mould which need attention. We cannot undertake this work when open to the public. As mould is removed dangerous spores can be disturbed, which can cause respiratory problems, a job best left to the experts!

Conservation work is a never ending job!
Volunteers cleaning books in Sudbury's library
Conservation work is a never ending job!

We will also be carrying out high level cleaning and cosmetic repairs, although our ceilings are lovely they are difficult to access without scaffolding.

An opportunity to improve access

Historic properties in general can be difficult from an access perspective, we think it’s really important that everyone has access to Sudbury Hall. The closed period will allow us to begin installing a variety of access measures ready for the new season as well as plan long term solutions for the future.

Want to help?

With so many more open days on the horizon we’re on the lookout for volunteers to come and join our ever growing team. We’ve got a whole range of volunteer opportunities here at Sudbury from conservation volunteers to the learning team, why not give us a call to find out more?

Join a tour and learn more
visitors enjoying a hall tour
Join a tour and learn more

Will everything close?

We're extemely fortunate at Sudbury to have more than just the hall, so there's still plenty of activities to choose from during the closed period. Everything will remain open as usual during our hall closure. There's the  Museum of Childhood, an incredible trip down memory lane and an opportunity to see our growing collection. Take a walk around our grounds and take a moment to enjoy the changing colours of autumn. Treat yourself to a freshly prepared lunch or a warm cup of tea in the Coachhouse Tea-room or browse the giftshop for something special. 

Thank you!

We thank everyone for bearing with us during this period, in the knowledge that we’re working hard to create a bright future for Sudbury, for ever, for everyone.