Sunnycroft springs into bloom

Spring flowers atSunnycroft

Throughout the garden spring flowering bulbs and shrubs are starting to appear. The sun is getting warmer and the birds are returning. Everything is waking up after its winter slumber. Now is a great time to get out into nature and explore the new season in Sunnycroft’s garden.

Spring blooms

Spring at Sunnycroft always starts with a carpet of delicate snowdrops. There are many varieties of snowdrops to discover, the best places to see snowdrops is either in the formal garden or the stream garden. 

As the snowdrops start to fade the bright and cheerful daffodils appear, along with crocus and hyacinths. The tulips add to the riot of spring colour towards the end of April.

The orchard is a great place to see the spring blossom, spend a few moments  watching as it cascades down to the ground in the wind like pink confetti. The trees coming into bud with new leaves are a sure sign of warmer weather, and longer days. 


Spring sunshine at Sunnycroft
Spring sunshine at Sunnycroft
Spring sunshine at Sunnycroft

Soak up the atmosphere 

Outside on the tea-room veranda, enjoy the fresh smells of spring with scents from cut grass and the wallflowers in the surrounding border. Spend the afternoon with a cup of tea and a slice of cake, the perfect place to sit and let the world go by. 

Thank you for your support

When you visit Sunnycroft and explore our beautiful gardens you’re helping to conserve and maintain this special place for future generations. Thank you for your support.